During the 1970's and 80's I worked chasing cattle on a cow/calf/yearling ranch in western Colorado, logged with a Belgian named Goldie, packed and guided hunters and fly fishermen in the Rawah Wilderness, put up lots of custom hay and did time riding pens in several eastern Colorado feedlots. Along the way I met and married my beautiful wife, cowgirl, bookkeeper, vet tech, secretary and mother to our two kids, Kathy. I was always fascinated by the disease processes in the livestock I husbanded and this led me (a bit later in life than most) to pursue a veterinary education. I also thought that maybe a vet didn't need to absorb all the physical abuse that a cowboy did, but  boy was I wrong! I attended Colorado State University and in 1984 graduated in Chemistry, and then in 1988 in Veterinary Medicine. During Vet school, our two children, Jessica and John were born. After graduation, we spent two years in a general practice in Saratoga, Wyoming, and then two years working for a large bovine/equine embryo transfer corporation based in College Station, Texas. In the fall of 1991 we returned home to Fort Collins, Colorado, and founded the equine/large animal ambulatory veterinary practice that has kept us busy the last twenty-two years. Currently, our daughter Jessica is a veterinarian who practices here with us and in Denver, and our son John is finishing up a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry at C.S.U..